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Comprehensive MEP Contracting Solutions: Covering Every Aspect
Whether you’re looking for a complete project solution or specialized support for specific phases, our skilled team is here to assist you in all your MEP contracting needs.
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ASGC is a premier contracting powerhouse renowned for its exceptional expertise in construction and renovations. With an impressive portfolio spanning diverse projects, including building renovations, warehouse construction, villa developments, steel structure assemblies, and intricate infrastructure excavation and demolition, ASGC stands as an industry leader. Their unparalleled commitment to precision and innovation transforms architectural visions into reality, creating spaces that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Whether revitalizing existing structures or shaping new foundations, ASGC’s contracting services consistently deliver excellence, making them a trusted partner for turning ideas into enduring marvels.

Construction / Renovation

– Buildings
– Ware-Houses
– Villas
– Steel Structures
– Infrastructure Evacuation
– Demolition


ASGC’s contracting prowess extends to encompass comprehensive MEP services, encompassing an array of vital components. From impeccable mechanical works covering HVAC and fire-fighting systems, to meticulous electrical installations spanning both high and low voltage setups, and cutting-edge ELV systems, ASGC leaves no facet untouched. Their mastery extends to plumbing, encompassing sewerage, drainage, and storm water management, ensuring seamless functionality. Additionally, ASGC excels in automation systems, irrigation solutions, and infrastructure enhancements, all seamlessly integrated into their MEP works. Their commitment to excellence is unwavering, ensuring that every facet of MEP services meets the highest standards and contributes to the success of each project.

– Mechanical Works (HVAC, Fire Fighting)
– Electrical (HV & LV)
– ELV System
– Plumbing (Sewerage / Drainage)
– Storm Water
– Automation System
– Irrigation System
– Infrastructure (MEP Works)


ASGC’s expertise also extends to Interior Fit Out services, encompassing a range of transformative offerings. From comprehensive interior renovations that breathe new life into spaces, to innovative power-saving solutions that contribute to sustainability, and cutting-edge smart home automation systems, ASGC’s prowess ensures every interior is tailored to perfection. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every facet of their Interior Fit Out services, ensuring spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, efficient, and technologically advanced.

– Interior Renovation
– Power Saving Options
– Smart Solutions
– Home Automation

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