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an Introduction to Alshamat General Contracting LLC.


As an innovative market leader within the ME marketplace here in the UAE, Al Shamat General Contracting has grown considerably over the years. Since the early days of Alshamat in 1993, as an electrical engineering company only, to one that today consists of professionals recognized internationally for their ability to comfortably handle allaspects of the on-site Civil & MEP process, our staff have gained a valuable insight andconsiderable experience, in exactly what it is that our clients have come to expect when choosing their ideal Civil & MEP contractor.

With Alshamat as your Civil & ME Contractor, our customers are always offered a complete ” one stop shop” experience, for all of their Civil / Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing and HVAC requirements with an alternative of utilizing the services of Alshamat General Contracting for any / all of the packages offered.

Over the years, Alshamat has been awarded numerous contracts by both private and (UAE)
Government departments. The size and scope of these projects have steadily grown in value and complexity and with it the experience and reputation of our company. We are honored to be able to Employing ever increasing numbers of internationally qualified Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians, together with a multi-national labor workforce, Alshamat is able to offer a service that not only meets your time and budget requirements, but that will often exceed your quality and reliability expectations. utilize this experience and wealth of knowledge to the benefit of our prospective clients.

When you have a requirement for a first class Civil & MEP contractor, that is capable of fulfilling your specific needs and that you know you can trust to meet your “on-time” and “on-budget” requirements without sacrificing the quality you desire, make sure Alshamat General Contracting is your immediate choice. People that are knowledgeable in both commercial and technical mattersare always available to assist and will be pleased to advise as to how Alshamat Company may be ofbenefit to you and your current / forthcoming project.

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Continuously innovating

Evolving with innovation, Innovation-driven, Perpetually pioneering.

Every fresh challenge presents a chance to craft something distinct and establish pioneering benchmarks. The wealth of insights garnered from collaborating with prominent enterprises infuses our forthcoming ventures.

Our tireless dedication, refusal to compromise on excellence, and passion for our craft empower us to forge innovative paths, uncovering ingenious remedies amid unforeseen hurdles.

Guiding Principles:

Our Mission and Purpose

Led by our vision and expansions of our services within the Middle East, our mission is to achieve successful business outcomes through the mobilization of our internal and external resources thereby creating new business opportunities for our stakeholders.

We continually focus on developing in delivering innovative technical services, to sustain steady growth through adaptability in our current and future markets.

Regardless of the project’s scope or nature, we are enthusiastic about gaining further insights.